Saturday, May 19, 2012


"And as the Batibat’s body fell into the pool of blood with a gory splatter, I set my eyes on Dorian’s bloodied clothes, his tensed, clawed hands, then at his burning black eyes that engulfed any whiteness under his brow. Behind him were a set of wings. They stretched out with a span of  four meters, reaching towards the sky like swords arrayed. Then suddenly, they quivered and exploded into the air. Bloody feathers rained over us, covering the training grounds."
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Catriona Lethal said...

I bet the comic book version's superb judging from all your illustrations here. We're willing to wait 'til it's available because I've read the book twice and there, the story said it's worth all the patience we can give. But while, it seems, were far from reality (since there's no update yet which make it more to look forward to), is there other works by Karen Francisco that we can satiate ourselves on? ^^

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