Monday, July 4, 2011

What to Expect: Tito Bing's Notebook

For the last few weeks, I've been dedicated to the prompt upload of the long awaited section of the website called "Tito Bing's Notebook". For those who are not familiar with it, Tito Bing's Notebook will be a collection of illustrations, paintings, and additional information about the Naermyth Universe told in the unique perspective of Professor Bernardo de Leon via his photo-album-like journal. Aside from Bing's humorous take on devastation, you can read more about Filipino Mythology through an encyclopedic cascade of creatures introduced in the Naermyth series. They will be accompanied by artistic renditions by yours truly - and because it's me - some of the artwork will be available for download as wallpapers and posters.

Tito Bing is a meticulous hoarder and biographer, so rest assured that a lot more than creature descriptions will sate your appetite for all things Naermyth. He will uproot stories of the Naermyth war, the characters and his friendship with Benevidez. The man has a lot to say - important things. It's muffled and shadowed by his waning sanity, but the nobody else can tell the story better than crazy Bing who's experienced everything at a distance, safe in his mountain and stubbornly refusing to join the crowd. The Notebook will offer readers an extension of the novel for those who want more. And other than a Naermyth resource, TBNB will be a continuing project, which means I'm promising regular monthly uploads!

I expect to have this section up no later than the first week of August. But don't mope just yet. Prior to the official launch of TBNB, I've got some surprises waiting for you at the Facebook Fanpage. I expect to dedicate most of my time to the fan page within the next few days, so stay tuned and watch out for what I've got up my sleeve!


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