Friday, March 25, 2011

Freakish Commitment

And Hello Naermyth Readers,

It's been quite a while since I posted anything, so I want to redeem myself and make it up to you brave, gracious souls who drop by now and again, hoping for some wild nonsense from me. Let me begin by sharing what I've been up to (and let this serve as an excuse slip for my inadequate online presence). Of course, there's work. Being a graphics designer is great fun, a hoopla of experience-hoarding but draws the commitment out of you with all Dementor-like fury. Nevertheless, it's a fulfilling job - especially since I finally set myself into a profession I wouldn't curse at every hour of the day. Then there's an independent project I've been working on with a writer friend; a comic we're hoping to set out sometime soon. I'll be responsible for the art this time, sicking my aesthetic tunnel vision into the world. Finally, there's this recent and constant bout with food poisoning. For the past few weeks, I've raised my head out of the toilet, mortified to see the day's meal bubbling in the bowl; so gruesome that I let out more of that expensive turkey sandwich i purchased at a pretty high-end cafe. Oh, but it wasn't the turkey sandwich that did it. It all started a few weeks ago with bad meat. Since then, my stomach's revolted against anything greasy or processed. I could blame it on the strict fresh-food diet I'm accustomed to. I could blame it on fast food altogether. (the turkey wasn't fast food, so my pocket felt a lot better knowing that the breakdown I had at ****** with a large fries and soda did the trick). In any case, I know better than to binge on comfort food, having paid for it many times with dehydration and a truckload of anti-acids.
But back to the point here, it's about time I step into the etherial limelight and be known to the online community. A "freakish commitment" is required of me, something stamped with that it's-on-the-web no return policy. So here it is:

Many of you have been asking if there was a sequel to Naermyth. My answer has always been in the affirmative, but I never gave anything concrete to go by, have I? I haven't decided with the title yet but, as far as completion goes, I made an outline for all of you to enjoy.

I don't know if you'll enjoy it much. I downsized it so much that none of it could be made out (insert evil laugh here). But  I posted this so all you readers know that I'm working at my best to finish the draft. This here the COMPLETE outline of the second book, subject to some changes here and there. Now, I don't know if you could see it, but this is a piece of oslo paper i ripped out of my sketchpad. I started out thinking I'd get through the outline with legible blocking and enumeration. but i ended up with lots of arrows, drawings and footnotes written along the margins. A lot of pretty cool ideas sprouted out while making this outline. Some of them include a new technique called Mutual Imparting. Then there's a jaw dropping trip to Fort Santiago. Somewhere in there, we meet a new human character, whom i enjoy writing.  This is why i salivated over outlines as a prelude to all my literary pieces. It's order in chaos in order. Like the Taal Volcano! It's a volcano in a lake in a volcano! Some wouldn't recommend outlines. I wouldn't either since it may be too prudent (or some would say, stick up the ass) to confine one's story in pre-fated scribble. but it works for me and i could always make another outline if things don't work out.

Another point of order: Bing's Notebook. This project is still on the go. This was supposed to be up last month, but because of so many design changes, it's been delayed at an inconsiderate rate. I apologize to those who have been looking forward to this section in the website. I hope it's some consolation to know that the delays were for your benefit. I'm not much of a perfectionist, but I certainly don't like releasing anything that's not ready. So please, be patient with me.

As a final note, it's summer. The forecast has been a slightly cooler summer than the previous, so I won't be as sluggish to get things done. So kids, thank you for your fidelity and support these past couple of months. Naermyth has been on the shelf since December of 2010 and I'm surprised how much exposure it's getting after only four months. I very much intend to return your loyalty be keeping you updated.

Till next time,
stay out of the shadows.

- K

p.s. I've just heard they casted Katniss from the Hunger Games trilogy! It's Jennifer Lawrence from the Oscar nominated movie, Winter's Bone. Now, i know what you're all thinking. She's too blond, too old, too tall. BUT she's a great actress. I loved her performance in Winter's Bone so i'm looking forward to whatever she could dish out as the bow wielding heroine.


Chris said...

Looks like you got a lot of cool things planned ahead. Hope things work out well for ya!

Anonymous said...

This will surely be included in my "To Read" list.

Khail said...

I'm excited :D

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